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Forte Lisser

"The Highland forts"

Fort Lisser, which dominated the inhabited Enego, was part of the Brenta channel blockade.

Even though it was the most modern armored construction and even though it was never practically directly involved in the fighting, the fort, presently privately owned, manifests a noticeable stage of degradation especially in the wall structures of the main body and in the surrounding ditch (after the war it was used as a quarry and more recently as a support for the lift systems and other technological systems).

The powder magazine obtained from the fort's dugouts accessed through a wide stone staircase is well conserved and of certain architectonical and historical value.

The need for an overall preservation action on the structure and of a partial cleaning of the ditch together with the removal of the existing technological systems is needed in order to stop the degradation.

  - Fort Lisser

  - Fort Lisser

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